Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Riedon is on Twitter

Now you can follow us on Twitter. Here is the link.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for resistors with Lead (Pb) content to avoid Whisker Growth? Buy Riedon resistors

Military-aerospace subcontractors and suppliers of electronic systems and components continue to have a strong interest in COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) procurement to control costs. However, some designs require that terminations have lead (Pb) content to avoid tin whisker growth.

Most components manufactures, including Riedon, have converted their commercial products to Pb-free terminations as required by environmental regulations. this can make COTS procurements difficult.

However, Riedon can supply resistors product that meet Pb content requirement. Simply request that the terminations be tinned. Please call us for more detailed information.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

High Temperature Resistors

Riedon has been at the cutting edge of resistive solutions for more than 40 years. High temperature resistors are in demand in many applications, now more than ever!

Riedon's Wirewound, Thick & Thin Film, and also Foil resistive products can be seen in industries as diverse as: Aerospace, Military, Instrumentation, and Medical Devices. Here is the list of our "high temperature" resistors:

CHR Series - Non Magnetic Chip Resistors
(-55°C to +155°C - Standard)
(-55°C to +300°C - HT Version)

HVS Series - High Resistance - Thick Film Chip Resistors
(-55°C to +155°C to 250°C upon request)

Wirewound HT Type S and SL - Surface Mount Power Resistors
(-55°C to +275°C)

UT Series - Silicone Coated Power Resistors

(-55°C to +250°C) ane (-55°C to +350°C)

100 Series, SM Series, PC Series - Precision Wirewound Resistors
(-55°C to +145°C)

Please call us to get more information