Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why Choose Riedon For Your Special RTD Requirements

Riedon has manufactured high-precision wirewound resistors for OEM industries since 1960. These precision resistors have tolerances as small as 0.005%. They are extremely stable over time, and operate over wide operating temperatures.

Resistors this precise and stable require unusual design and manufacturing skills that absolutely manage the desirable properties of the resistor element wire, while minimizing undesirable characteristics that cause unpredictable errors and instabilities. These same design and manufacturing skills are as critical in RTDs as they are in precision resistors!

A Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) is a resistor designed to measure temperature using the known resistance vs. temperature relationship of metals. An RTD element is the actual temperature-sensing unit. It is typically unprotected and offers only the element leads for terminations. An RTD probe is an assembly composed of an element, a sheath or tube to protect the element and provide a thermal path to the measurement, lead wires, and a termination or connection.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Using Power Resistors as Heaters

Power resistors and resistance heaters share many common design considerations. In both products, good thermal design ensures low thermal resistance between the element and the exterior environment. Both must be rugged and reliable.

Power resistors are often used in heater applications. They allow a designer to apply and control heat to a small area. Riedon offers a broad range of these resistors. If one of our standard resistors won't do we can modify existing products or create new designs to fit your special requirements.

Riedon power resistors are used in a variety of heater applications. They are especially useful in situations where the heat must be isolated or concentrated in a small area.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Current Sensing Resistors

Sudden current or voltage changes are often hazardous to electronic products. For example, transients or surges that reach microprocessor or memory components can destroy those expensive parts, and wipe out critical programming and data. Many electronic products now include surge protection circuits.

In these circuits, low value resistors sense when the current is too high so that measures can be taken upstream before the excess current causes damage. Wirewound resistors are a popular choice for these applications. They are inexpensive, available in low resistance values, have low temperature coefficients and good surge-handling capability. Riedon has served this application for years with their "LO OHM" power resistors.

Riedon’s SL resistors add an additional application advantage. We designed them for PC board surface mounting to satisfy the growing demand for new high density boards fabricated with automated pick-and-place equipment.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Praise For Riedon Resistors!

We received this email from a valued customer which we would like to share with you:

"....I have been a strong advocate of Riedon resistors here at PCI and you make it easy for me to continue to be.

Riedon presently manufactures a shunt resistor of my design (Riedon P/N: SP1669-0R0013N1). I can tell you that this resistor has performed flawlessly and we have enjoyed 100% reliability zero failures in over 4000 units (millions of unit-hours of operation)! Please convey my sincere gratitude to your workforce! Their attention to detail is evident in the quality of the product we receive from Riedon. Thank you!"

~Performance Controls, Inc.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Distributors boost technical support offerings

Distributors are seizing this opportunity to showcase one of their core competencies: providing a one-stop shop for a variety of components and technologies. Even though the channel has cut personnel during the recession, distributors are retaining and even making select investments in applications engineers, Web tools, technical training seminars, and other types of design assistance. “Technical competence is going to be one of the major trends shaping the distribution channel as we move forward,” said Vallee.

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