Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Riedon's Custom Resistors

Flexibility is a key design feature in Riedon resistors, and we structure our manufacturing processes to support this concept. Our goal is to build advanced products that meet your exact requirements, yet complete the process from design to delivery in a minimum time and at a reasonable cost.

Sub-Assemblies and Cable Assemblies
Our flexible manufacturing facility can assemble resistors into higher-level assemblies, simplifying your procurement and manufacturing.

Custom Winding

Riedon's winding expertise is available to solve your custom component needs. We specialize in precision manufacturing using highly managed processes and quality systems. Call us for solutions to special components like resistance flow meter elements, specialized resistive or inductive sensors, coils for linear and rotary motion actuators, and similar wirewound devices.

Precision Compensation Resistors

Riedon's resistors are used for temperature-compensation in many instruments and transducers. These resistors are made with special wire that has the proper temperature coefficient to provide compensation for precision instruments.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Visit Riedon Resistors On Slideshare!

Have you heard about SlideShare? Well its kind of like youtube but its for business PowerPoint presentations.

Visit Riedon page here and check out our uploaded PowerPoint presentation. We have two presentations, one on Wirewound technology and the other about what Riedon is all about.